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Institutional Development – Government of Afghanistan

HelpUsTrade was commissioned by the Government of Afghanistan to assist the National Procurement Institute to become a centre of excellence and catalyst for national public procurement professionalisation in Afghanistan by providing technical support to all its functional departments in view of its strategic goals and objectives.

HelpUsTrade was commissioned by the Government of Afghanistan’s National Procurement Authority (NPA) to work alongside  the National Procurement Institute (NPI), the training-arm of the government, to assist the Institute to become a centre of excellence and catalyst for national public procurement professionalisation in Afghanistan (and South Asia) by providing technical support to all its functional departments in view of its strategic goals and objectives.

The NPA was been created consequent to the vision of H.E. the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, for institutional reform in a bid to curb corruption and strengthen public confidence in the ability of the government to deliver services in an efficient, effective and transparent manner that will foster economic growth and equal opportunities.

The NPI; the procurement-training arm of the National Procurement Authority, was established as per the provisions of the Article 57 of the Procurement Law of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, under which, the NPA is charged with making arrangements for the professional development of the procurement cadres.

The NPI’s mission is to provide certified public procurement skills and knowledge training to professionalize the skills of public purchasers, their private sector suppliers, and the next generation of procurement professionals, to further the NPA’s strategic capacity building goals and support the attainment of spend priorities set by the Government of Afghanistan.

The project required delivery of a significant number of complex and diverse deliverables. HelpUsTrade’s knowledge, skills, resourcefulness and project management capabilities were fully exhibited.

As part of this strategic project HelpUsTrade was responsible for the delivery of the following items:

  1. Educating all NPI staff on NPI’s Professionalisation StrategyOperational Plans, Training Certification Mechanism, Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (all developed by HelpUsTrade) to ensure NPI’s trainers were well aware of NPI delivery strategies and policies so that 10,000 beneficiaries (i.e. Civil Servants) across Afghanistan can be educated in the NPI’s public procurement curriculum.
  2. Advise and provide support to the NPI on: Its national promotional activities; How the NPI should be represented in a range of media outletsHow the NPI should market its services nationally and internationally; and the creation of various promotional material e.g.; comprehensive programme prospectus, brochures and flyers.
  3. Advise the NPI on how to track the progress of all training participants from the moment they register to the moment they graduate; mapping all the processes of all activities and key documentation for all NPI departments, including all outreach offices, to help the NPI understand how a rigorous and quality assured academic workflow operates.
  4. Advise and offer strategic direction to the NPI in the establishment and management of NPI’s provincial (outreach) offices ensuring its proper communication with the NPI’s main office in Kabul..
  5. Advise in the design and development of NPI’s eLearning platform that promotes the benefits of distance learning. To complement this approach, detailed examples of how existing modules could be delivered electronically, via the eLearning platform, were given.
  6. Advise NPI on library materials acquisition including online resources and assist NPI with library management.
  7. Conduct public procurement training classes for a sample of NPI’s key stakeholders.
  8. Provide Training of Trainers (TOT) to keep NPI trainers and Resource Persons up to date in line with emerging international trends (training techniques and procurement practices);
  9. The creation of a national public procurement competency framework.
  10. Development of comprehensive recruitment mechanism/guideline to help the NPI attract, utilise and retain additional NPI resource persons. This included developing the required forms/contracts and compensation/incentive mechanisms to keep them motivated to take active part in NPI’s training activities.
  11. Advise on internal quality assurance mechanisms to help NPI maintain a high-level of standards in order to meet the criteria for partnering / affiliating with other global training institutions.

    I wish to put on record the recognition of the exceptional contribution made by HelpUsTrade to the progress made in recent times by our World Bank sponsored public procurement professionalisation and capacity-building programme, which is conducted via our National Procurement Institute.

Project Overview:
Government of Afghanistan, National Procurement Authority (NPA)
Funded By:
World Bank
2019 - 2020
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