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Supporting High-Growth SMEs in International Tendering

HelpUsTrade were commissioned by ACCIÓ, Catalonia’s trade and investment Agency, to deliver a bespoke tender training programme for its high-growth SME members.

ACCIÓ is Catalonia’s trade and investment agency, aimed at fostering trade and innovation for the Catalan business and Research milieu. It has 350 staff in Catalonia, and around 150 in its 40 offices around the world.

The Government of Catalonia and ACCIÓ, regularly support its business members access lucrative public contracts from around the world. To further support these members, ACCIÓ requested expert support from HelpUsTrade to build a progressive training programme to help their members compete for international public procurement opportunities from organisations such as the World Bank, the European Commission, Public Bodies in the Spanish/English/French/Portuguese speaking areas of the World, and the other reputable international financial institutions.

Out of the 65 company’s registered for the Barcelona-base programme, 50 Catalan companies attended, which made the event ACCIÓ’s largest business services training programme. Programme attendees represented a variety of business sectors (i.e., from manufacturing to consultancy services) and were all eager to participate in the programme’s theoretical and practical content.

As part of the programme, HelpUsTrade’s experts used several innovative methods to show business leaders typical weaknesses in their tender submissions and tendering strategies they could use in future to be more successful. HelpUsTrade:

  1. Communicated highly complex tendering information in a way that was easy to digest;
  2. Engaged the audience by using a well-know game to emphasise key tendering/bidding strategies;
  3. Facilitated a bespoke tendering scenario where all SMEs were invited to participant in a tendering process through the critical eyes of a bid evaluator;
  4. Gave numerous practical examples to exemplify typical weaknesses in SMEs tender submissions and suggestions on how to overcome them; and,
  5. Offered attendees various business tools (i.e., tender scorecard methodology) to help SMEs with their national and international bidding processes in future.

ACCIO was extremely pleased with the workshop’s quality and would be happy to invite HelpUsTrade back to Barcelona to conduct further public procurement training with our High Growth SME.

Feedback gathered from event attendees:

  • GPO (engineering): “Fom GPO we would like to thank you for the session, for we believe it was very useful and thought upon (the theoretical part, as well as the workshop and the coaching). Arguably it will be very useful to the international tenders we are bidding to, and those further on in the future.”
  • DOXA (Smart cities): “Great, thank you very much for the information, the training was of great interest!”
  • Civiciti (ICT): “This programme was very useful to us.”
  • Expomon (Interior design for exhibits): “Thank you for today’s training on tenders, which has been very useful and dynamic. We are sure it will help us both at the local and international milieus.”
Project Overview:
ACCIÓ, Catalonia’s Trade and Investment Agency
Funded by :
Government of Catalonia
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